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Regression-Based Inductive Reconstruction of Shell Auxetic Structures

      Vivanco, T., Ojeda, J.E. Yuan, P.

      Hybrid Intelligence, Springer 2023

Distributed Innovation

      Diez, T. Vivanco, T., Nano, J.

      Driving Design: Collective approaching enriching design principles. Book. 2023

Desarrolladores Tecnológicos en Pandemia

     Vivanco, T., Mollenhauer, K. Tironi, M. Perez, G. Riveros, S.

     Libro Suspensiones. Ediciones UC, 2023

Bio-Materia Austral

      Vivanco, T., Garmulewicz, A. Bolumburu, P. Pacheco, C.

     Ecossistemas criativos en Biodesign e Biomimetica: aspectos per la cultura del proyecto. Blutcher, 2022

Robotic Weaving Manufacturing of Optimized Glass Fibres Panels

      Vivanco, T., Yuan, P.

      SIGRADI-Design Possibilities, 2021

Methodological implementation of StyleGANs algorithms and its change of paradigm in the education, practice and role of designers

      Vivanco, T. Valencia, A. Yuan, P.

      SIGRADI-Design Possibilities, 2021

Spatial Finginds on Chilean Architecture Stylegan AI Graphics.

      Vivanco, T. Valencia, A. Yuan, P.

      Computer-Aided Architectural Design Research in Asia, 2021

Cooking Objects: Bio-Digital Material Driven Design Methodology.

      Vivanco, T.

      SIGRADI Conference: Transfomative Design, 2020

Digital Rurbanization: decolonizing Fab Labs. The case study of Fab Lab Austral in Puerto Williams, Chile.

      Vivanco, T. Yuan, P.

      SIGRADI Conference: Transfomative Design, 2020

Digital urbanization of remote rural cities through design as a catalyst for sustainable development: The case study of Puerto Williams, Chile.

      Vivanco, T. Yuan, P.

      IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental ScienceVolume 5881.11 – 1.14.

      Online ISSN: 1755-1315

4D Printing: Computational mechanical design of bi-dimensional 3d patterns over tensioned textiles for three-dimensional volumes.

      Vivanco, Valencia, A. T. Yuan, P.

      CAADRIA 2020- RE: Anthropocene, Design in the Age of Humans.

      ISBN: 978-988-78917-3-4

Programming Intelligence: consciousness of material algorithms.

      Vivanco, T. Yuan, P.

      CDRF 2019: International Conference on Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication. Tongji University. Shanghai 2019

DID a peripheral Approach

      Vivanco, T. Briceño, A.

      Fab City Book: The Mass Distribution of (almost) Everything. Barcelona, 2018

Integration of concepts about lean construction, sustainability and life cycle of buildings: a literature review.

      Vivanco, T.

      Brazilian Journal of Operations & Production Management 14. Brazil, 2017

Fabricating Society Book.

      Vivanco, T. Briceño, A.

      Fundación DiD & Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago, 2017

The Counterculture Room Book.

      Vivanco, T. Briceño, A. Mayol, A. Garreton, M.

      London Design Biennale. London, 2017

Cybernetics infrastructures of quantitative and qualitative data for distributed cities.

      Vivanco, T.

      Responsive Cities Symposium. Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Barcelona, 2017

Speculative Prototypes.

      Vivanco, T.

      Performa. Valparaíso, 2017.

Digital Análogo, sistemas de fabricación digital personal.

      Vivanco, T.

      Diseña Magazine. School of Design, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. Santiago, 2016

From devices to the territory: social impact through the proliferation of hi-tech & low cost locally produced devices.

      Vivanco, T.
      10th International Fab Lab Conference & Symposium. Fab Lab Barcelona. Barcelona, 2014.

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